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Echelon ™ Series CP9C & CPLC Model Gas FurnacesSeattle Furnaces, Furnace Contractors in Tacoma, WA and Seattle, Washington

It doesn’t get any better than this!
Finally, get heating performance that hits your comfort level with Echelon ™ Series CP9C and CPLC model gas furnaces. They provide the ultimate in home comfort, because they can match your degree of comfort by firing at increment of 1% to provide the optimum level of heating.

The Echelon ™ CP9C is one of the highest rated gas furnaces in the industry (up to 98% AFUE), which means more efficiency and lower energy costs. 

Match Your Comfort Level By Degrees

  • Modulating design uses a firing rate at 1% increments to match comfort levels more exactly
  • Both models use a variable-speed blower which reduces electrical consumption
  • Fewer starts and stops saves more fuel and operates more quiietly
  • Makes longer runtimes more affordable for more air infiltration to improve indoor air quality
  • Adjustabale for dry, temperate, or humid climates with EcoTrak Techonology 


Condumer Digest Best Furnace, Furnaces in Tacoma Washington and Seattle WashingtonThe Echelon ™ Series 9.C Modulating Gas Furnace has alone recently received high praise from Consumer Digest providing you with more assurance of Coleman ® Comfort. You can be assured the Echelon Serie CP9C 98% AFUE furnace is an award winning, high quality heating unit.  The Best Buy seal is a registered trademark of Consumers digest Communications.

Download Echelon ™ Modulating Gas Furnace Brochure PDF

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Coleman HVAC - Installation and Service by Indoor Comfort Systems

LX Series Up to 97% Gas Furnaces

Your special moments deserve to be lived in full comfort. From breakfast time, to family time to bed time, a new gas furnace makes every day feel great! The LX series Gas Furances, Home Air Heating with Gas Furnaces, Heating Tacoma, Washington and Seattle, Washingtongas furnaces offer incredible reliabillity, proven to keep you and your loved on es comfortable season after season. 

Get a Great Feeling

  • TM9M model modulates at 1% increments to allow for exact temperature control. constant speed blower motor quietly delivers heated air throughout the home
  •  All single-stage models feature a quiet, advanced air circulating fan motor that increases efficiency in the cooling mode
  • All two-stage models are available with a super-quiet, high-efficiency variable-speed ECM fan motor for maximum comfort and energy savings
  • Can reduce energy costs up to 40% compared to furnaces that are over 20  years old
  • Tubular aluminized steel heat exchanged for years of trouble-free operation
  • External air filters (optional) to maximize indoor air quality
  • Models with optional variable-speed ECM air circulating fans feature EcoTrak technology, which allows for customized airflow dependent upon your climate needs
  • 80% furnaces are also available with LoNox compliance models


  Consumer Digest – Best Buy Award – TM9M Gas Furance

We are also proud to announce a consumers digest award was designated to the Coleman LX series of gas furnace. You can be assured the LX Series 97% AFUe furnace is an award winning, high quality heating unit. 

Download LX Series Gas Furnace Brochure PDF

Serreis TG8S Gas Furnaces

Our Comforteer furnaces are different by design. Computerized controls help circulate heat efficiently and evenly through your hone cutting energy bills by as much as 25 percent compared to yoru older furnace. 

Quitely Making a Difference in Your Home

  • Cabinets are streamlined for easy installation
  • Hybrid Comfort System compatible
  • low sound levels for quiet operation
  • LoNox compliant models available (TGLS) 

Download Comforteer TG9S/TG8S Gas Furnace Brochure PDF

Gas Furnaces Buying Guide

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